Sanction of 125 Model Schools for Telangana


Sanction of 125 Model Schools for Telangana

School Education – Model Schools – Sanction of 125 Model Schools under Phase-II in the State under Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Scheme for Setting up of Model Schools at Block Level Bench Mark of Excellence” by GOI – Revised Administrative approval – Accorded – Orders – Issued


Read the following:-

1.    Government of Andhra Pradesh G.O.Ms.No.70, Education (SE.Prog.I) Department, dated 02.12.2013.
2.    From the Commissioner & Director of School Education, TS., Letter Nos. 2269/B1/Model Schoos/RMSA/2014, dated 28.06.2014 and 18.08.2014.


In the reference first read above, Government of Andhra Pradesh have accorded administrative approval for setting up of 234 Model Schools in the Educationally Backward Blocks identified/approved by the GoI under Phase-II of the Scheme, with the total project cost of Rs.904.23 Crores. The State Government have also agreed to bear Rs.452.12 crores towards 50% of the total Project Cost.

2.    In the reference second read above, the Commissioner & Director of School Education, T.S., has informed that Government of India sanctioned 234 Model Schools to the erstwhile Government of Andhra Pradesh on 19.09.2013 as per the Resolutions of PAB in the 6th meeting at New Delhi. Government of A.P., in the reference 1st read above accorded administrative sanction of Model Schools in Phase-II at the rate of 3.02 Crores per School towards non-recurring expenditure and recurring grant @ 0.75 Crores and MMER @ 2.5% and the total project cost Rs.904.23 Crores. After bifurcation of Government of Andhra Pradesh, 125 Model Schools are earmarked to Government of Telangana. He has also informed that it is very difficult to execute the work with the unit cost 3.02 crores. Further the Government of India has approved to continue Central and State Govt. share as 75:25 instead of 50:50 ratio in the 12th five year plan and also to adopt SSR from 2013-14 subject to the condition that SSR rates and CPWD Zonal rates whichever is lower should be adopted in Phase-II. He has therefore submitted proposals to revise the unit cost as Rs.4.807 Crores as per the SSR rates of 2013-14.

3.    Government after careful examination of the proposal hereby accorded revised administrative approval with a unit cost of Rs.4.807 Crores per school for construction of 125 Model Schools under Phase-II in the State in partial modification of reference first read above. The Commissioner & Director of School Education and the Managing Director, A.P.E.W.I.D.C., should plan the actual execution within the above said amount and also inform Government the time-lines to complete the work and its important milestones before entering into agreement.

4.    The Commissioner and Director of School Education, T.S., Hyderabad shall take necessary action in the matter accordingly.

Download G.O Ms.No.8 Dated 24.10.2014 for more information

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