Summative 3 (S3) Exams Time Table for Telangana

S3 Exams Time Table for Telangana

S3 Exams Time Table/Summative 3 Time Table has been declared for Telangana Schools. S3 (Summative 3) exams will be conducted from 1st April 2015. DSE, Telangana has released proceedings Rc.No.405 regarding S3 Examinations. S3 examinations will be conducted few days earlier than the scheduled start because of the following reasons.

Most of the high school teachers will be in the spot valuation of SSC board examinations including Head Masters during 11th to 24th April, 2015.
No invigilation for the school annual examinations for classes VI to X at school point except one PET/ one or two teachers in some cases.
Scope for copying in the school annual examinations in absence of invigilation and students do not take annual examinations seriously knowing that they can as well write the exam by copying.
Students generally get more marks in annual examinations rather than Quarterly and Half Yearly.
Since the teachers are in spot valuation during those days from morning to evening and no correction of answer scripts pertaining to their subjects from class VI to X.
Most of the schools do not declare results because of this and never complete the Registers and Records of marks/ results before closure of the schools for summer vacation.
The schools teach the curriculum for the entire year and do not focus on the outcomes and see that how far the children learnt the subjects and there is no seriousness in conducting the exams and declaring the results.
In most of the cases, no declaration of the results and providing Progress Cards to the children on the last working day duly inviting parents.

Therefore, in view of the above situation and to treat annual examinations seriously and declare results before the school closure and complete the Records and Registers in a complete fashion, it is proposed to conduct the annual examinations (SA 3) from 1st April 2015 onwards as given here under results in all Government, Government aided and private schools.

Date Classes I to V Subjects for class VI and VII Subjects for Subjects for class IX
09.00-11.30 (02.00-04.45) class VIII (02.00-04.45)
01.04.2015 First Language (Telugu/ Urdu etc.) First Language (Telugu/ Urdu etc.) Mathematics Mathematics Paper-I
02.04.2015 English Second Language (Hindi/ Telugu etc.) Science Mathematics Paper-II
04.04.2015 Mathematics Third Language (English) Social Studies Physical Science
06.04.2015 EVS Social Studies First Language (Telugu/ Urdu etc.) Biological Science
07.04.2015 Mathematics Second Language (Hindi/ Telugu etc.) Social Studies Paper-I
08.04.2015 General Science Third LanguageĀ  (English) Social Studies Paper-II
09.04.2015 First Language (Telugu/ Urdu etc.) Paper-I (08.30-11.15) and Paper-II (12.00-2.45)
10.04.2015 Third Language (English) Paper-I (08.30-11.15) and Paper-II (12.00-2.45)
11.04.2015 Second Language (Hindi/ Telugu etc.) (08.30-11.45)

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