10th PRC Pay Scales 2015 for Telangana Employees

10th PRC Pay Scales 2015 for Telangana Employees

10th PRC Pay Scales 2015 are released (recommended scales). Telangana State Govt Employees 10th PRC Pay Scales 2015 contains 80 stages, Starting Pay (Minimum Pay) from Rs.13000 to Last Pay Rs.110850. Telangana Pay Scales (10th PRC Master Scale 2015) recommended by the 10th PRC are given below. The Pay Revision Commission 1993 introduced the concept of ‘Master Scale’ for the first time. This has the advantage of a single running scale for the entire gamut of the State employment, individual scales assigned to the posts / categories being merely segments thereof and the merit of predictability. For determining the Master Scale, factors taken into consideration are
Latest:- 43% Fitment Announced by T.Govt
i) Minimum and Maximum pay
ii) Number of pay scales
iii)Span of pay scales at various levels
iv) Rates of increments and
v) Inter – scale relativity.

10th PRC Pay Scales 2015: Majority of Employees’ Associations have suggested for the fixation of ‘Minimum Pay’ ranging from Rs.10000/‐per month to Rs.16150/‐ per month. Several unions have suggested the following recommendations to the commission.

10th-prc-pay-scales-2015The Telangana Gazetted Officers Central Association has worked out the ‘Minimum Pay’ by 3 different methods and arrived at Rs.15,000/‐ to be fixed as Minimum Pay. According to the Association the monthly per capita expenditure of the household with four members as family worked out to Rs.14,703/‐ and hence it was essential to have at least Rs.15,000/‐ as Minimum Pay with the fitment of 69.10%. The Telangana Girijan Upadya Sangam (TGUS) have suggested a Minimum Pay of Rs.15,500/‐ and the Maximum Pay of Rs.1,46,000/‐ with a fitment of 80%. The Telangana Teachers Federation (TTF) have suggested a Minimum Pay of Rs.14,850/‐ and the Maximum Pay of Rs.1,33,020/‐ by proposing at least four members as a family instead of three members. The fitment proposed is 60% with effect from 1.7.2013.

The Telangana United Teachers’ Federation have in their Memorandum proposed adoption of Master Scale with a Minimum Pay of Rs.15,250/‐ and Maximum Pay of Rs.1,16,770/‐, with a fitment of 56%. The Progressive Recognized Teachers Union Telangana have similarly proposed Minimum Pay of Rs.15,500/‐ and a Maximum Pay of Rs.1,46,000/‐ with a fitment of 70%. The Telangana Regional Teachers Union have calculated the need based Minimum Pay of Rs.15,950/‐ to be fixed as Minimum Basic Pay and a Maximum Pay of Rs.1,29,350/‐ with a fitment of 75%.
The Dalitha Girijana Teachers Union have demanded a Minimum Pay of Rs.14,720/‐ and a Maximum Pay of Rs.1,38,140/‐ with ratio of 1:9.4 between the Minimum and Maximum Pay. The A.P. Teachers Federation’s request is to fix Rs.15,000/‐ as a minimum pay and Rs.1,22,300/‐ as the maximum pay, with a fitment of 69%. The following are recommended 10th PRC Pay Scales 2015. These scales are prepared @29% Fitment. However it is NOT yet known how much fitment the state govt is going to announce.

The Commission therefore recommends the minimum pay for the lowest paid employees to be Rs.13,000/­ per month as on 1.7.2013.

The Commission accordingly worked out a ‘Maximum Pay’ of Rs.1,10,850/­, which represents a Minimum to Maximum ratio of 1:8.527

The new Master Scale recommended by this Commission for adoption from 1/7/2013. 10th PRC Pay Scales 2015 is as follows:

13000­-390­-14170­-430­-15460-­470­-16870-­510­-18400­-550-­20050-­590­-21820-­640-­23740­-700-­25840-­760-­28120­-820­-30580-­880-­33220-­950­-36070­-1030-­39160-­1110­-42490­1190­-46060-­1270­-49870-­1360-­53950­-1460­-58330-­1560-­63010­-1660­-67990-1760­-73270­-1880­-78910-­2020­-84970–2160–91450–2330­-100770­-2520–110850 (80)­. Download 10th PRC Pay Scales 2015 for more information from the below link.

Telangana 10th PRC Pay Scale with 43% Fitment

Check AP Finance Dept Website for complete 10th PRC Report

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