1238 Telangana Water Grid Jobs RWS

1238 Telangana Water Grid Jobs

1238 Telangana Water Grid Jobs will soon be recruited for RWS. These 1238 Telangana Water Grid Jobs (Jala Haram) include Senior Assistants, Work Inspectors, Chief Engineer,  Superintending Engineers, Executive Engineers, Deputy Executive Engineers, Assistant Executive Engineers/Assistant Engineers (AE), Chief Accounts Officer, Divisional Accounts Officers and Superintendents (22). Telangana Govt has given administrative sanction for 529 new posts in Rural Water Supply (RWS) department. The TS Govt will also recruit 709 temporary jobs on outsourcing basis for the implementation of Water Grid Program (Jala Haram).

Panchayat Raj Minister K.T. Rama Rao has announced that the Telangana Government was committed to supply safe drinking water by the Telangana Water Grid by the year 2018. That is why the TS Govt will be recruiting all these vacancies for the implementation of TWG. 1238 Telangana Water Grid Jobs details are as follows.

Telangana Water Grid Jobs Details

Senior Assistants-47
Work Inspectors-662
Chief Engineer-1
Superintending Engineer-10
Executive Engineer-(31
Deputy Executive Engineer-104
Assistant Executive Engineers/Assistant Engineer-346
Chief Accounts Officer-1
Divisional Accounts Officer-14
Total: 1238 (Regular/Contract Basis)
The Telangana state government has sanctioned about 2,000 crore rupees for the telangana water grid in the budget earlier this year. Budget highlights can be found HERE.

Telangana Water Grid

1238-telangana-water-grid-jobsTelangana Government will be implementing Telangana Water Grid project. The Telangana Water Grid Project will cost about Rs.25,000 crore rupees. This project is set up to permanently solve the drinking water problem in the Telangana state. The Telangana Water Grid, which will use 160 TMC water, which uses 80 TMC each from Godavari and Krishna rivers will likely be completed in 4 years time. A similar water grid project was set up in the state of Gujarat by the former Gujarat Chief Minister and present prime minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi. Telangana state legislators and officials will visit Gujarat to study the project which has already been started there in Gujarat.

More information about Telangana Water Grid can be found HERE. More information about all these 1238 Telangana Water Grid Jobs, Educational Qualifications, Selection Procedure, How to Apply will be added as soon as the official notification is released for these vacancies.

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