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Aasara Pensions – Telangana Social Security Pension Schemes

Aasara Pensions, Telangana Social Security Pension Scheme guidelines are released. Telangana Govt released G.O.MS.No.17 Dated 05.11.2014 for Aasara Pensions. In this G.O, the Telangana Govt has laid download Aasara Pensions guidelines, eligibility details, list of documents to be submitted, Aasara Pension amount, required documents for the sanction of Aasara Pension, Sanction of Pension Card Etc,.
Aasara Pensions G.O Ms.No.17 Dated 5.11.2014
Social Security Pensions – Aasara Pensions – Social Safety Net Strategy – Implementation of Aasara Social Security Pension Scheme for Persons who are
Old & infirm, Widows, Differently Abled, Weavers, Toddy Tappers & with HIV-AIDS in the State – Orders – issued

Government of Telangana as a part of its social safety net strategy, introduces the Aasara pensions with a view to ensure secure life with dignity for all the poor. This scheme is meant to protect the most vulnerable sections of society in particular the old and infirm; people with HIV-AIDS, widows, incapacitated weavers and toddy tappers, who have lost their means of livelihood with growing age, in order to support their day to day minimum needs required to lead a life of dignity and social security.
Government after careful examination of the proposal are hereby issued the comprehensive guidelines for Aasara pensions in supercession of all order issued
in the past on the subject as under:

I. Name of the Programme-
The new social safety net scheme proposed by the government shall be called Aasara Pension Scheme and shall be effective from October 1, 2014.
II. Pension Amount Government hereby fix the pension amount per month for the following categories of pensioners.

S.No Category Monthly Pension Amount
1 Old Age 1000
2 Widow 1000
3 Disabled 1500
4 Weavers 1000
5 Toddy Tappers 1000
6 Persons with HIV-AIDS 1000
Aasara Pensions – Not Eligible Persons
Having land more than 3.0 acres wet / irrigated dry or 7.5 acres dry.
ii. Having children who are Government / Public sector / Private sector employment / Out-sourced / contract;
iii. Having children who are Doctors,Contractors, Professionals and Self employed;
iv. Having large business Enterprise (oil mills, rice mills, petrol pumps, rig owners, shop owners etc.);
v. Already receiving Government pensions or freedom fighter pensions;
vi. Owners of light and/or heavy automobiles (four wheelers and big vehicles.)
vii. Any other criterion in which the verification officer may assess by the manner of lifestyle, occupation and possession of assets rendering the household as ineligible.

Download Aasara Pensions G.O Ms.No.17 Dated 5.11.2014

Telangana Govt Website for Pensions

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