AP Crop Loan Waiver/ Rythu Runa Mafi List of Beneficiaries

AP Crop Loan Waiver/AP Runa Mafi List of Beneficiaries

AP Crop Loan Waiver/AP Runa Mafi List of Beneficiaries will likely be displayed from the 6th of November 2014. AP Crop Loan Waiver/AP Gold Loan Waiver Beneficiaries List will be displayed at Banks. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr.N. Chandrababu Naidu has announced that the crop loan waiver (AP Runa Mafi Scheme) will be implemented in 5 phases. It will be implemented over a period of 5 years. AP State Govt will likely announce list of beneficiaries for the AP Crop Loan Waiver on 5.11.2014. The list of beneficiaries will be displayed at Banks. District wise list of beneficiaries will be added here after it is published officially. The Govt of Andhra Pradesh, vide G.O.Ms.No. 174, Finance (IF) Department, dated 14.08.2014, have issued operational guidelines for Debt Relief to farmers and Women Self Help Groups in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

ap-crop-loan-waiver-listAP Govt has laid down some operational guidelines for this AP Crop Loan Waiver. AP Govt will waive the agriculture crop loans and gold loans availed for agricultural purposes, together not exceeding Rs.1.50 lakhs per family. The scheme applies to crop loans (including gold loans sanctioned for raising crops) extended by Scheduled Commercial Banks, Regional Rural Banks and Cooperative banks (not UCBs) through their branches/ Societies in the State of Andhra Pradesh (13 districts). Loans granted to primary Agriculture Cooperative Credit Societies/FSCs which are accredited to lending institutions for advancing direct agriculture crop loans to agriculture family are also covered under the scheme.

AP Runa Mafi List of Eligible Accounts (Persons)

About 5.82 Bank Accounts are not eligible for Runa Mafi as the account holders did not supply relevant documents. These 5,82,703 Lack accounts have been rejected for the waiver. About 15,00,000 account holders did not mentioned either their Aadhar Number or Ration Card number. There is no Aadhar number for about 2,50,000 accounts, No ration card number for about 7,50,000 accounts. 49,37,000 account holders have so far supplied all the necessary information, there fore these accounts will get the AP Crop Loan Waiver. After finalizing all these things, the AP State Govt and nationalized banks too will display AP Runa Mafi List of Eligible Farmers online. AP Runa Mafi List of Eligible Farmers will likely be available online with in 2 days. Visit www.telanganateachers.in as we update information here as soon as the runa mafi list is published online.

Cut Off Date
AP Crop Loan Waiver/AP Gold Loan Waiver Cut Off Date: The Crop loans & agriculture gold loans disbursed for crop purposes only, including the loans converted to MTL due to calamities, upto 31.12.2013 and outstanding (including interest) as on 31/3/2014 are eligible for coverage under the scheme. Loans which were outstanding as on 31.03.2014 would be eligible for waiver even if they were subsequently repaid to the bank/cooperative.

Eligibility Criteria
AP Crop Loan Waiver/AP Gold Loan Waiver Eligibility: For purposes of loan waiver family is taken as a unit. The total amount of loan waived for all eligible purposes from all banks taken together cannot exceed the ceiling of Rs.1.50 lakhs fixed for the waiver. The total amount eligible for waiver shall be limited to crop loan and agriculture gold loan for crop purposes and short term credit converted into MT loan subject to the ceiling prescribed for family. The total amount that can be waived will be the aggregate of actual amount outstanding in the respective loan accounts of family subject to a ceiling of Rs.1.50 lakh, for crop loan or gold loan or converted crop loan jointly for family. The benefit should be limited to Rs.1.50 lakhs per family

Visit AP Govt Official Website for the list of Beneficiaries.

Download G.O.Ms.No.174 dated 14.08.2014 for more information regarding AP Crop Loan Waiver

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