DEO Mahabubnagar Promotions Seniority List SGT-School-Assistant-LP-PET

DEO Rangareddy Promotions Seniority List

DEO Mahabubnagar/MBNR Promotions Seniority List and Mahabubnagar District Teachers Promotions Vacancies of SGT, School Assistant, Language Pandit, PET, LFL, SA Telugu, English, Hindi, Maths, Physics, Biology, Social Studies, LP Telugu, LP Hindi, PET, LFL and DEO Mahabubnagar Promotions Vacancies List of the above said categories will be published in the official DEO MBNR Website Teachers can download Mahabubnagar Promotions Seniority List and Promotions Vacancy Position from the above said official website from the 4th of July 2015.

MBNR Teachers Promotions Seniority List 2015

Local Body: Telugu Medium
Grade 2 HM: Download
School Assistant: Telugu
School Assistant: English
School Assistant: Hindi
School Assistant: Maths
School Assistant: Physics
School Assistant: Biology
School Assistant: Social Studies
School Assistant: P.D
Language Pandit: Telugu – Hindi – Urdu
PET: Download
LFL Head Master: Download
SGT to School Assistants (All Subjects): View
For Govt Management and other Category Seniority Lists:

Mahabubnagar District Teachers Promotions Schedule has already been released. Mahabubnagar Promotions Seniority List will be prepared and uploaded into the official DEO website. TS Teachers Promotions Schedule and Transfers Schedule is as follows.

1 Transfers for Head Masters of ZP/MP Management at District Level and Head Masters of Government Management 05.07.2015
2 Promotions for School Assistants as Head Masters of ZP management at District Level and HMs of Govt Management in Zonal level 06.07.2015
3 Transfers of School Assistants in all Subjects of Govt/ZP management at District Level and all LFL Head Masters 07.07.2015 to 09.07.2015
4 Promotions for School Assistants as Head Masters in all subjects of Govt./ZP management at district level for ZP Management and Zonal Level for Govt Management 08.07.2015
5 Promotions for SGTs as School Assistants in all subjects of Govt./ZP management at district level and for LFL HMs 12.07.2015
6 Transfers for SGTs and equivalent cadres of ZP management and Govt Management 13.07.2015 to 16.07.2015

deo-mahabubnagar-promotions-seniority-listMahabubnagar Teachers can submit their objections if any on the released Mahabubnagar Promotions Seniority List with proof to the concerned authorities on the 4th of July 2015. Mahabubnagar Teachers Final Promotion Seniority Lists of all subjects and all categories are expected to be announced on the 6th of July 2015. Telangana Teachers Transfers and Promotions Schedule is changed.

Promotions Revised Schedule 2015

Mahabubnagar Teachers Transfer Seniority List 2015