Kerala 10th PRC New Pay Scales for Employees Teachers


Kerala 10th PRC New Pay Scales

Kerala 10th PRC New Pay Scales have been announced. Kerala Govt has announced Kerala 10th PRC Pay Scales and Master Scale for Kerala State Govt Employees, Teachers. Kerala New Pay Scales will be implemented from 1.07.2014. New Master Scale has been proposed. Kerala PRC Scales 2014 are as follows.

Master Scale: Almost all the employees’ organizations favored the continuation of master scale. Taking in to account the current pay structure and periodicity of revisions, the Commission also favours the same. The Commission proposes the following master scale-

Kerala PRC New Pay Scales are as follows


Kerala Govt 9th Pay Commission provided for merging DA in full (64%), a 10% fitment benefit, with a minimum assured amount of `1000 and Service weightage at ½% per completed year of service (maximum 15%). 10th Pay Commission also persists with the existing system despite some requests for granting service weightage in the revised scale, as was given in the 2004 revision.

kerala-10th-prc-new-pay-scales-2014The Commission could readily come to conclusions regarding merger of DA and service weightage. Fixing the fitment benefit was a challenge as even a small hike will result in huge additional financial commitment. The Commission was of the view that the lower level employees should get a decent 46 hike due to revision and recommends for a fitment benefit of 12% of the existing basic pay subject to a minimum of `2000/-.(The fitment benefit at the lowest pay is effectively at 23.5% and shrinks to 12% as the pay goes higher.) DA shall be fully neutralized at 80% as on 01.07.2014 and service weightage at ½% per completed year of service subject to a maximum of 15% shall be allowed. The amount of fitment benefit and service weightage taken together shall not exceed `12000.

Kerala PRC New Pay Scales 2014

  • The revised scales of pay shall come into force w.e.f.01.07.2014.
  • All employees who were in service as on 01.07.2014 shall be deemed to have come over to the new scales with effect from 01.07.2014. There will be no option.
  • Existing scale of pay for the purpose of these rules is the scale of pay as incorporated in G.O.(P).No.85.2011.Fin dated 26.02.2011.
  • Existing emoluments for the purpose of these rules shall be the total of
  • Basic pay in the existing scales as on 01.07.2014, including increments, if any, accruing on 01.07.2014 in the existing scale. Stagnation increments shall also be reckoned for this
  • Personal pay, if any, not specifically ordered to be absorbed in future increase of pay.
  • Special pay drawn in lieu of higher time scale of pay provided there is no special pay attached to revised scale.
  • All appointments and promotions made on or after 1.7.2014 shall be deemed to have been made in the revised scale of pay.
  • ional employees recruited through the employment exchanges who were in service on 30.6.2014 and continued thereafter shall be eligible for
    the minimum of the revised scale of pay only.

Download Kerala 10th PRC Report for more information about Kerala PRC New Scales of 10th Pay Revision Commission

10th PRC 2014

Kerala 10th PRC 2014 Report