Telangana High Schools Rationalisation Guidelines

Telangana High Schools Rationalisation Norms Guidelines

Telangana High Schools Rationalisation Guidelines for Classes VI to X :

Telangana High Schools Rationalisation Guidelines have been released by the school education department on 27.09.2014. The following are norms for rationalization

a) The optimum strength of a class/ section is 40. The maximum strength of a class is 60. The second section of a class shall be formed, if the strength of class exceeds 60. Third
section shall be formed if the strength of the class exceeds 100. Similarly 4th, 5th sections etc., shall be formed, when enrolment in a class exceeds 140 and 180 respectively.
b) In respect of shifting of posts from one school to another school, the committee shall get verified the strength physically in the class, before allotment of posts and teachers to the school against enrolment / additional sections.
c) If the additional sections are functioning in the ZP and Municipal Schools without the approval of the Regional Joint Director of School Education concerned, they should be regulated by obtaining the orders immediately


Additional Sections Required for Parallel English Medium Sections

1. Where there are 2 or more media in a High School, with one medium as English, Teachers cannot refuse to handle English Medium classes when allotted in the Time Table.
2. For counting the teachers for parallel media High School Annexure III is to be followed for main medium enrolment and Annexure IV for English medium enrolment in general. However, for purpose of Language Teachers total enrolment slab of Annexure – III shall be taken into account for arriving at the requirement of teachers. The following example will make the point clear.

Example:If a parallel media High School has two media enrolment as follows:
Telugu Medium enrolment : 200
English Medium enrolment : 76
Total Enrolment : 276

For Telugu Medium enrolment (200) Annexure – III is to be followed for counting posts, Teachers (SAs except English) and for English Medium enrolment (76), Annexure IV is to be followed for additional posts (SA-Maths, SA-Phy. Sci, SA-Bio. Sci and SA-SS) and for counting School Asst. English, other Language Teachers and Specialist Teachers total enrolment of the School (200 + 76= 276) is to be taken in to account against Annexure – III.
3. Though, for the sake of Rationalisation exercise School Assts. (Non-language subjects) are shown separately for English and Telugu Medium, all (8) teachers have to handle subject classes, whether English or Telugu medium according to Time Table prepared

Download G.O Ms.No.6 for more information about Annexure – I, II, III tables.

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