Telangana Inter Exams Fee Last Date Extended

Telangana Inter Exams Fee Last Date Extended to 17.10.2014

Board of Intermediate Education, Govt of Telangana has extended Inter Exams Fees Last Date to 17th October 2014. Intermediate 1st year and Inter 2nd students can pay their Inter exams fees by 17.10.2014 with out fine. Actual last is 10th of October 2014. But due to holidays, the state government has postponed the last date for Inter exams fee payment to 17th October 2014.

Inter 1st year examination fee Details

1.Cost of Examination application form: Rs. 10/-
2.Examination fee for General courses:Rs.290/-
3.Examination fee for Vocational courses (Rs. 290/-+ Rs.100/- for Practicals) Rs.390/-
4.Examination fee for Vocational Bridge course subjects. Rs. 60/-
5.Examination fee for 1st year Vocational Back log candidates appearing for Practicals: Rs. 100/-
6.Bridge Course Examination fee to appear for Mathematics (for First Year Bi.P.C students) Rs. 60/-

Inter 2nd year examination fee Details

1. Cost of examination application form Rs. 10/-
2. Examination fee for 2nd year regular students General courses Rs.290/- + Rs.100/-for Practicals.Rs.390/-
3. Examination fee only for 1st year papers or only for 2nd year papers (irrespective of number of papers) Rs.290/-
4. Examination fee for students appearing for both 1stand 2ndyear(irrespective of number of papers) Rs.580/- + Rs.100/- for Practicals. Total Rs.680/-
5. Examination fee for 2ndyear regular students for vocational courses Rs.290/- + Rs.100/-for Practicals. Total Rs.390/-
6. Examination fee for Practicals (General & Vocational) only Rs.100/
7. Examination fee for 2nd year failed students appearing only for practical examinations (General/Vocational) Rs.100/-
8. Examination fee for 2nd year Vocational Bridge course Rs. 60/-
9. Examination fee for 1st & 2nd year Vocational Bridge course Rs.60/- + Rs.60/- Rs.120/-
10. Examination fee for 1st & 2nd year Vocational Practicals Rs.100/- + Rs.100/- Rs.200/-
11. Examination fee for Vocational Bridge Course Practicals. Rs.100/-
12. Bridge Course examination fee for Mathematics (for Bi.P.C stream) 1st & 2nd year papers (Rs.60/- +Rs.60/-) Rs.120/-
13. Examination fee for I & II year passed candidates (certificate holders) appearing for Improvement. Rs.680/ (Arts) Rs.780/- (Science)


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