Telangana Journalists Health Scheme/Health Cards

Telangana Journalists Health Scheme

Telangana Journalists Health Cards available at Telangana Journalists Health Scheme (TS Journalists Health Cards) G.O Ms.No.64 Dated 22.07.2015 is released. Telangana Govt will be distributing Health Cards to all working and retired Journalists under TS Journalists Health Scheme. Telangana Journalists can apply for health cards & Telangana Journalists Health Cards can downloaded from the official website

Telangana State – Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department – Comprehensive health coverage to the working and retired journalists in Telangana – Notification of Working and retired Journalists Health Scheme – Orders – Issued


BENEFICIARIES COVERED under Telangana Journalists Health Scheme:

The Scheme will be applicable to the Working and Retired Journalists. The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations Department will compile the details of eligible journalists for coverage under the scheme. Option will be given to the journalists, who are having white ration cards to choose either this Health Scheme or Aarogyasri Health Scheme, but they are not allowed to avail both the Schemes.

FAMILY MEMBERS: The following family members are entitled to avail the Health Scheme. (a) Dependent Parents (either adoptive or biological, but not both). (b) One legally wedded wife in case of a male journalist. Husband in case of a female journalist. (c) Wholly dependent legitimate children (including step children and (d) Adopted children)

telangana-journalists-health-cards-schemeIn-Patient Treatment: a) The scheme will provide inpatient treatment for the medical and surgical procedures, similar to those being provided to the Government employees, in the empanelled hospitals. b) Inpatient treatment Package includes the following services: C) End-to-end cashless inpatient services from the time of reporting of the patient, including professional services, investigations, medicines, Implants, consumables, diet and ten(10) days post-discharge medication, including treatment of complications, if any, up to thirty (30) days post discharge for those patients who undergo listed therapies offered through Network Hospitals

Follow-Up Services Follow-up services will be provided for a period of one year through fixed packages to those patients who require long term follow-up therapy in order to get optimum benefit from the procedure and avoid complications. Followup packages include consultation and medication

FINANCIAL COVERAGE for Telangana Journalists Health Scheme

  • The total cost on implementation of Journalists Health Scheme shall be borne by the Government and no contribution will be collected from them.
  • There shall be no upper limit on the financial coverage and the total cost of treatment of the patient for the enlisted therapies will be covered under the Scheme.
  • Treatment for all the enlisted procedures will be provided in all the network hospitals (both private and Government) empanelled with Aarogyasri Health Care Trust. However position will be reviewed after six months so as to ensure a minimum of 60% participation by Government Hospitals in terms of amount. To achieve that, if required certain procedures may be reserved for Government hospitals which have required infrastructure for such procedures.
  • Out patient for chronic diseases will be provided in the notified Government Hospitals only and the guidelines for chronic OP treatment shall be issued separately

IMPLEMENTING AGENCY: Telangana Aarogyasri Health Care Trust will be the implementing agency for Working and retired Journalists’ Health Scheme (TS Journalist Health Cards), leveraging on the experience it has gained in running Aarogyasri Scheme as well as the newly introduced Employees Health Scheme.

TS Journalist Health Cards

The details of Journalists covered under the Scheme will be collected by the Information & Public Relations Department and forwarded to the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, which in turn, will feed the data and generate the health cards.

Telangana journalists shall download the cards from the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust website. The aadhaar number / aadhaar enrollment number shall be the identity number for the Health Coverage.

Download G.O Ms.No.64 Dated 22.07.2015 for more information about Telangana Journalists Health Scheme (TS Journalists Health Cards)

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Telangana Journalist Health Cards Scheme

TS Journalist Health Cards