Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi for Crop Loans

Telangana Runa Mafi for Crop Loans

Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi for Crop Loans will be implemented soon. Telangana Runa Mafi will be applicable for Rs1,00,000 crop loans. All eligible farmers will get the benefit of Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi scheme by the end of November 2014. Telangana Govt has promised farmers to waive  crop loans upto 1 Lakh rupees. Eligible farmers can get their agricultural loans waived by the end of November/December 2014. Telangana Govt has released G.O Rt.No.69 regarding Telangana Crop Loan Waiver Scheme/Telangana Runa Mafi

Telangana Crop Loan Waiver Scheme Eligible Amount

telangana-runa-mafi-crop-laon-waiverScope of the Crop Loan Waiver Scheme and Eligible Amount This scheme will cover short term production loans, and crop loans against gold, disbursed to farmers in the Telangana State by scheduled commercial banks, cooperative credit institutions (including urban cooperative banks) and regional rural banks, collectively called as the “lending institutions”. The eligible amount for debt waiver would be limited to the amount of loan (together with applicable interest), which is disbursed and outstanding as of 31st of March, 2014 or Rs.1,00,000 per farmer family whichever is lower. The farmer family is defined as head of the family, spouse and dependent children.

Telangana Crop Loan Waiver Scheme NOT Eligible Accounts

The following loans/accounts shall not be eligible under the Crop Loan Waiver Scheme.
a) Advances against pledge or hypothecation of agriculture produce other than standing crop
b) Tied loans
c) Closed crop loan accounts
Short term production loan means a loan given in connection with the raising of crops which is to be repaid within 18 months. It will include working
capital loan, for traditional and non-traditional plantation and horticulture.

Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi – Farmers List Preparation

Preparation of list of farmers with outstanding crop loan dues and arriving at the amount of claim
i) Each lending institution – bank branch – which has disbursed short term crop loans to farmers shall prepare village-wise list of farmers with
outstanding crop loan dues as on March 31, 2014 in the prescribed format (Annexure-A).
ii) Each lending institution, shall also prepare a village-wise list of farmers who have outstanding dues as on March 31, 2014 in respect of crop loans
taken against gold in the prescribed format (Annexure-B).
iii) The list of farmers in Annexure-A and Annexure-B should be compared by the Bank Branch Manager and a final list of farmers who have outstanding
crop loan and limited to a maximum extent of Rs.1.00 lakh should be prepared by the Bank Branch Manager in the format designed in Annexure-C. One copy of Annexure-A, B, C should be sent by the Bank Branch Manager each to LDM and District Collector.

Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme

Download G.O copy for more information about Telangana Runa Mafi List of Farmers for Crop Loan Waiver Scheme

Telangana Govt Website for official information about Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi


  1. The banker is giving only instalment which is paid by the government they are not provided new crop loans the prinicipul they renewing the account.. Pls check what the policy says…. Pls crify…

  2. em runa mupi sir…raitu okkarikaina melu jariginda sir..mee palanalo emi jarugutundo teliyadam ledu sir.. vyatirekatha vastundi.. people lo correct alochinchandi pa lani marchandi marpu vastundi milo sir..

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