Telangana Swachcha Bharath- Swachcha Vidyalaya Campaign

Swachcha Bharath- Swachcha Vidyalaya Campaign

TSSA, Hyderabad – “Swachcha Bharath- Swachcha Vidyalaya Campaign” in Telangana State- Plan of Action from 08.10.2014 to 27.10.2014 is devised- Day- wise Schedule communicated Instructions for conducting SB – SV Campaign – Issued- Reg

The MHRD, GOI, New Delhi has directed to celebrate “Swachcha Bharath Swachcha Vidyalaya campaign” in Government Schools across the State for creating awarenessto the public and pupils on the importance of”Cleanliness and Sanitation”and celebrating October 2- Ghandiji Jayanthi as the Special Day for the purpose.

In the light of the directions of the GOI,it is decidedto celebrate”Swachcha Bharath- Swachcha Vidyalaya campaign” in Telangana State from 08.10.2014 to 27.10.2014.Accordingly,a day-wise schedule of different activities have been devised and communicated here with (copyenclosed).

Hence, all the POs/DEOs in the State are requested to follow the instructions and schedule carefully and see to implement the same for making the campaign a big success

Swachcha Bharath- Swachcha Vidyalaya Campaign Schedule

1 8.10.2014 Wednesday Cleaning of class rooms/staffroom/HM room, etc
2 9.10.2014 Thursday Cleaning of Library/laboratories/sports room, etc
3 10.10.2014 Friday Cleaning of Verandahs/premises/Statues and maintenance of school garden
4 13.10.2014 Monday cleaning of Toilets/Drinking water areas/play grounds
5 14.10.2014 Tuesday Reactivation of children’s cabinets constituted under ECO-CLUBS to supervise and monitor various activities related to hygiene and health

6 15.10.2014 Wednesday Monitoring and supervision of Water related Issues
7 16.10.2014 Thursday Monitoring and supervision of Bio-diversity Issues
8 17.10.2014 Friday monitoring and supervision of Waste management issues
9 18.10.2014 Saturday Monitoring and supervision of Energy-related Issues
10 20.10.2014 Monday Monitoring and supervision of Land related works
11 21.10.2014 Tuesday Organizing Essay writing/ slogan writing competitions on cleanliness and hygiene
12 22.10.2014 Wednesday Organizing Debate/Elocution competitions
13 24.10.2014 Friday Organizing Quiz! Poetry competitions
14 25.10.2014 Saturday Organizing Rallies/PTA/SMC meetings
15 27.10.2014 Monday Organizing Door-to-door campaign! survey by children on cleanliness and hygiene in their locations


The activities mentioned in the schedule should be done by all schools scrupulously on priority basis. Further, it is to be kept in mind that all the activities should revolve around
the theme of CLEANLINESS and HYGIENE.
2) The HM/Teachers of the respective schools should conduct the activities, without hampering the daily academic programmes in the schools. They can organize these
activities in the last hours of the school every day,by making certain adjustments in the Time-Table.
3) The HMs should organize the Eco-clubs formed earlier, immediately, by entrusting its themes, viz,Water, Bio-Diversity, Waste, Energy, Land, to the Teacher by making them
as In-charge for that theme
4) The In charge-Teacher should make the students to perform the activities under his supervision and guidance.

Download Swachcha Bharath Swachcha Vidyalaya compaign for more information

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