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Telangana Teachers Particulars Online Entry. Telangana Teachers Online Entry. TS/Telangana Teachers Child info Online Entry. Telangana Childinfo Online Data Entry

Telangana Teachers Particulars Online Entry

Telangana Teachers Particulars should be entered Online at Telangana Teachers have to submit their particulars and School Particulars online at the Childinfo website before the 30th of April 2015. Telangana Teachers Particulars and Telangana Schools Particulars should be entered online at the TG Childinfo Website.

Teachers of Telangana have to enter the following particulars at the TG Childinfo website. Telangana Teachers Particulars are divided into some sections. Working School information, Employee details, Service details, DSC details, qualifications, Salary particulars, leave particulars should be entered into TG Child Info website.

Working School Information

  • Name of the District
  • Name of the Mandal
  • Name of the School
  • Date of Joining in the Present School

Details of the Employee

  • Health Card Number, Aadhaar Number, Employee Treasury ID (7 Digits), Email ID
  • Name of the Employee, Surname, Father’s Name
  • Gender, Date of Birth, Caste
  • Mobile No (10 Digits)
  • Native District as per Service Book,
  • Local Status (As per 4th to 10th Study Certificate Or As per Service Book), Local District

Service Details of the Employee

  • Date of 1st Appointment, 1st Appointment Cadre
  • Medium of the Post You are Appointed, Management of the 1st Appointment
  • Date of Joining in Present Post, Present Designation
  • Date of absorption in Regular Post, Date of 1st Appointment as Special V.V
  • Name of the Spouse, Occupation of the Spouse, Spouse’s Aadhaar Id

DSC Details

Year of DSC

Inter District Transfers Details (If Any)
whether Transferred under IDT
from which District

Qualifications Details

  • SSC or Equivalent Details, Intermediate or Equivalent Details, Graduation, Post Graduation

Professional Qualifications

  • TTC/D.Ed Particulars, B.Ed Particulars, Additional B.Ed., Particulars, M.Ed.,/M.Pd Particulars
  • Department Test Particulars, EOT/GOT

Salary Particulars

  • Scale of Pay, Basic Pay
  • D.A, HRA, CCA, IR, Spl Pay, FP/PP, HM allowance, PHC all/PP
  • TG Increment, Others
  • Total Deductions, Gross Earnings, Net Amount

Medical,Surrender Reimbursement Leave, Half Pay Leave and Earned Leave Details

  • Medical reimbursement: Claimed – Amount
  • Surrender Leave: Claimed Month & Year, Days
  • Half Pay Leave: Total Credited – Balance
  • Earned Leave: Total Credited – Balance


I declare that the above particulars submitted by me are true and correct and if any false information found in the above I will be personally held responsible as per CCA Rules.

Signature of the Teacher


I certify that the above particulars submitted by the candiate are verified with the original certificates and the service register of the individual and found correct as per CCA Rules

Signature of the Dy.E.O /MEO/ HM with Stamp

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